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The experiences

exotic wildlife
& unique fauna

Get real close to nature! Our “finca” is filled with free roaming beautiful animals, coexisting in a completely natural ecosystem.  

exuberant nature

We believe in sustainability. Native species of plants and flora populate the paths around the finca feeding directly from the purest mountain water.   

Typical foods
& the best coffee

we are located in the “eternal spring” area, fresh fruits and vegetables are always in season. enjoy healthy and delicious meals slow cooked  in the traditional way      

The villas

San Gabriel

Nestled in the middle of the mountains surrounded by a secluded forest,
Villa san Gabriel welcomes you

This magical villa is completely surrounded by nature and mountains, hidden inside a native forest this villa is the perfect place to reconnect with nature to and to experience pure tranquility. Wake up to a succulent breakfast in paradise!

San Miguel

Breath the freshest air, up un the mountain with the most beautiful views Villa San Miguel welcomes you

Through a beautiful path full of exotic nature, native flowers and free roaming animals you will encounter Villa San Miguel. This spacious villa is full of charm and magic. big enough to accomodate the whole family but still cozy and full of warmth inside