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La bandeja Paisa


La bandeja Paisa, a journey through the senses

As you approach your trip to Colombia and visit our Hostel you would definitely want to try the most typical dish of the region “la bandeja paisa” learn a little bit about this dish and its origins.

To talk about one of the most important typical dishes of Colombia, is undoubtedly to talk about the “bandeja paisa”  it is the first step in to approaching the Colombian gastronomic culture. This dish is striking not only because is becoming paramount to colombian culture served in most typical Colombian restaurants, but also because it’s generous volume ingredients and high caloric content.

To understand its characteristics It is necessary to go back to the place and to the history that gave rise to this peculiar Colombian dish. “La bandeja paisa” is an Andean dish that evolved from the “mountaineer” dish in 19th century, born in the middle of the topography of Antioquia and the old Caldas in Colombia. These territories are characterized by the steep slopes and rugged topography motivating a big consumption of quality and quantity of food. This dish is recommended for people who have a very active lifestyle that requires high caloric content, although it is also a delicious alternative to get to know first-hand the typical Colombian food.

On the other hand, the “bandeja paisa” shows the naturalness of the Colombian territory and it’s ingredients; The appearance of the dish  denotes in its preparation the organic tendency of its ingredients, most of them are organic and come from farm to table, usually with minimal cooking and zero industrial processes, the most outstanding and classic ingredients that can never be missed are:

Beans with claw, White rice, Meat powder (ground), Chicharrón, Fried egg, Patacón, Antioquia sausage with lemon, Arepa antioqueña, Hogao, Morcilla, Sliced ​​red tomato, Avocado.

Like a musical piece that needs a delicate ear that perceives its shades, a typical dish can only be understood from the most appropriate sense. Request one one your next visit to colombia!